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Former FSU football star earning his stripes in the medical field

Former FSU football star earning his stripes in the medical field
Myron Rolle, center, during Hurricane Dorian disaster response in the Grand Bahama at the tent where physicians examined patients. (Courtesy: @myronlrolle/Instagram)

BOSTON (BVM) — Myron Rolle has set his sights on his upcoming future. The former NFL player is embarking on his new path in the medical field. Now located in Massachusetts, Rolle has attained many honors at Harvard Medical School and is doing work worldwide.

You may remember Rolle for his highly followed student-athlete journey in 2008. The standout safety played football at Florida State University while he survived the rigors of being a pre-med student. His combination of work ethic and passion led to him being one of the 32 finalists for the Rhodes Scholarship.

He now finds himself helping others. Back in September, a trip to the Bahamas allowed him to aid locals that were impacted by Hurricane Dorian. Rolle is currently a neurosurgery resident in Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts General Hospital, which deployed him to the area to help out.

Rolle, a Bahamian American, has ties to the Bahamas as his parents and three of his four brothers were raised in the country. His team looked to assist those in the area affected by the Category 5 hurricane by offering medical care. Rolle shared on his Instagram some of the group’s efforts from their trip.

“I’m standing on what’s left of the medical clinic in High Rock, Grand Bahama. Destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. Our team, tasked by the Ministry of Health, built a clinic next to the old one. We equipped it with chairs, tables, an outside waiting room and it’s powered by solar panels from Tesla,” Rolle posted.

Rolle’s life in the spotlight can be traced back to an important day in 2008. On November 22, he traveled to Birmingham, Alabama to interview for the Rhodes Scholarship. His FSU football team had a road game that overlapped just hours away.

After a two hour interview and an hour of waiting, Rolle was able to join the list of NCAA athletes who were honored as becoming Rhodes Scholars. The event was capped off by Rolle hopping on a plane to Maryland and arriving during the second quarter. The Seminoles went on to beat the Terrapins in that game, 37-3.

Rolle enjoyed success at FSU as a player, but delayed his opportunity to join the NFL Draft to complete his scholarship at Oxford University in England.


Once he had received his Master of Science in medical anthropology, he achieved his athletic goal of making it to the NFL. Rolle was selected in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans. He spent two seasons in Nashville before becoming a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In 2013, Rolle decided to pursue his other passion professionally and retired. He returned to FSU and enrolled in their College of Medicine. Upon graduating in 2017, he became a resident of neurosurgery at Harvard Medical School. Rolle is now in his third year at Massachusetts General Hospital as a neurosurgery resident.