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See who was selected in the Thanksgiving Day Draft

R.J. McLaughlin R.J. McLaughlin BVM Sports Video Production Lead

It’s time for BVM Sports’ first annual Thanksgiving Day Draft. See who the Traditionalists, Vegetarians, Nappers, Football Watchers and Turkey Trotters picked this year.

Vegetarian Trotters Football Watchers Nappers Traditionalists 
First RoundSalad Mac N Cheese (with bacon) Honeybaked HamStuffing Cranberry Sauce 
Second Round Apple PieTurkey Green Bean CasserolePumpkin PieRolls
Third Round Mashed Potatoes with butter and garlic(Trade with Nappers) Gravy Old Fashion Deep Fried TurkeyTurducken 
Fourth RoundTofurkeyCornbreadCornBiscuitsPumpkin Pie
Fifth RoundYamsCheesecakeAmbrosiaBeerSweet Potato Pie