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[VIDEO] NFL Simple Question: Which Brown (AJ or Hollywood) will make the biggest impact on his new team?

R.J. McLaughlin R.J. McLaughlin BVM Sports Video Production Lead

The 2022 NFL Draft featured two major trades centered around Marquise ‘Hollywood’ Brown going to the Arizona Cardinals from the Baltimore Ravens and AJ Brown heading to the Philadelphia Eagles from the Tennessee Titans. On today’s episode of Simple Question, Scott and Matt discuss which Brown will have a bigger impact on their new team. Will AJ Brown be the missing piece the up-and-coming Eagles need to take over the NFC East? Can the former Oklahoma teammates Kyler Murray and Hollywood Brown rekindle the electrifying offense they had in Norman in Arizona? Which Brown has more pressure on them to succeed? How does the loss of DeAndre Hopkins affect Marquise’s first six games with the Cardinals? Scott and Matt give their take on what to expect from the two star wide receivers.

Top 10 WRs (receiving yards) from 2019 NFL Draft

D.K. Metcalf3.170
Terry McLaurin3.090
A.J. Brown2,995
Diontae Johnson2,764
Deebo Samuel2,598
Marquise Brown2,361
Hunter Renfrow2,299
Darius Slayton1,830
Mecole Hardman1,791
Scotty Miller739