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[VIDEO] Chicago Sports Simple Question: Would you rather have a healthy Derrick Rose or no Double Doink?

R.J. McLaughlin R.J. McLaughlin BVM Sports Video Production Lead

A simple question for all the Chicago sports fans out there: would you rather have had Derrick Rose never getting injured or Cody Parkey not missing the Double Doink field goal? Derrick Rose was the youngest MVP winner and was coming off of a sensational season when disaster struck. Rose injured his ACL in the first round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs. Considered by many to be a generational talent, Derrick Rose was never the same after the injury. In 2019 the Chicago Bears defense was absolutely dominant. Despite a rather stagnant offense, the Bears hosted a first-round playoff game against the Eagles. Down by one, Cody Parkey came on to attempt the game winning field goal. Parkey’s attempt was partially blocked and hit the goal post not once but twice, propelling the Eagles forward and ending the Bears’ season promptly. Which of these would you rather have back?