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Top 5 NFL alternate helmets for 2022 season
The Cincinnati Bengals will be wearing an all white uniform in the 2022-23 NFL season. (Credit: @Bengals/Twitter)

Top 5 NFL alternate helmets for 2022 season

NEW YORK (BVM) — The NFL is nearly back. And as teams pursue a championship, fans will get to see their favorite teams sport new helmets in that endeavor. Which teams have the best? Let’s take a look at the five best new NFL helmets that will be seen on the gridiron this year.

Throwback and alternate helmets are included in this list. 

  1. Cowboys

Touted as America’s Team, the Cowboys sport one of the most iconic logos in all of sports. That logo will be revisited as the Cowboys will sport their throwback uniforms on Thanksgiving Day.

Alongside the throwback uniforms, the Cowboys will also be wearing an all-white version helmet that will be paired with their color rush uniform. It’s unknown when it’ll be worn, but this version of Dallas’ helmet looks sharp.

  1. Falcons 

Players like Deion Sanders and Jamal Anderson brought swagger to the Atlanta Falcons. Along with those players, their uniforms helped convey the swagger they brought to the field. This season, the Falcons are returning to their roots and bringing the swagger back with one of the most eye-appealing helmets in football. 

The last time the Falcons donned these uniforms was in 2012 when they played the San Francisco 49ers on October 16. 

  1. Patriots

When New England takes the field, fans usually see a gray helmet with the Flying Elvis design on it. However, Pat the Patriot will be making a return to the football field this year.

The last time the Patriots wore this jersey was 10 years ago. But before the jersey was redesigned in 1993, the thenBoston Patriots wore the red jersey and white helmets as their home jersey from its inaugural season in 1960. It’s a great callback to the history of one of the most successful franchises in the sport.  

  1. Giants 


For nearly 20 seasons, the New York Giants wore these jerseys. In that period, the Giants won two Super Bowls behind arguably the greatest NFL player of all time, Lawrence Taylor. The Giants only plan to wear these jerseys twice when they play the Chicago Bears and Washington Commanders. 

“This era obviously still holds a special place in the hearts of Giants fans,” Giants President John Mara said in a release. “Our teams during that time featured legendary players, some of the best in our franchise’s history. And these uniforms remind us of what was accomplished through those years. We are thrilled to wear that uniform again.”

  1. Bengals

In just three seasons, led by Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase, the Bengals have become one of the most electrifying teams in the NFL. With these new uniforms, Burrow, Chase, and others will aim to invigorate the Bengals’ faithful as they continue to chase that elusive title. 

Photo: The Cincinnati Bengals will be wearing an all white uniform in the 2022-23 NFL season. (Credit: @Bengals/Twitter)