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Mississippi State’s Mike Leach: Wedding advice guru

Mississippi State’s Mike Leach: Wedding advice guru
Mississippi State Bulldogs head coach Mike Leach is well known for being a wedding expert. (Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports)

STARKVILLE, Miss. (BVM) – Mississippi State upset No. 17 Texas A&M at home on Saturday, 42-24. It was a huge conference win for the Bulldogs, but Mississippi State head coach Mike Leach’s comments on weddings after the game stole the show. 

Leach was talking with SEC Network’s Alyssa Lang on the field following the win when she asked Leach for some wedding advice. Lang is engaged and as she says in the interview, Leach has been known to have, “strong thoughts on weddings.” 

Unfortunately for Lang, she had already failed to follow one of Leach’s suggestions which was to keep the engagement on the “down low,” when she asked for the football coach’s advice on national television. However, Lang could follow his other suggestion which was short and to the point. 

“Go elope,” Leach said. 

Leach has stated before that he does not like all the planning that goes into a wedding or what that planning does to the women involved with the wedding. He also has taken on the mantle of representing men everywhere when it comes to weddings and is confident that Lang’s fiancé, Trevor, would agree with him.

“Trevor, unless he’s crazy, is totally on my side,” Leach said.

It’s not the first time a reporter has come to Leach for advice ahead of their wedding. Back when Leach was coaching at Washington State, a reporter asked him for advice nine days before his wedding. 

“I’m just telling you when it comes to marriages, the women lose their mind,” Leach said. “Your fiance is going to lose her mind, your mother-in-law is going to lose her mind, your mom is going to lose her mind, several of your sisters and female relatives are going to lose their minds.”

Leach’s opinions on weddings sound like they come from personal experience and Leach wants to help others learn from his time getting ready for a wedding by offering help to any man or woman that comes to him, but in particular the men. 

“It’s too late to rescue you,” Leach told the reporter while at Washington State. “It’s a little late, you should come to me sooner.” 

He also told Lang that he would be setting up a meeting with her fiancé to give him some advice. 

Leach has now become a wedding guru within the college football community with each interview that involves a wedding question becoming a must watch moment. Already known for having great interviews, anytime Leach talks about weddings might be some of his best content yet.