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TikTok’s Topher goes viral as guest at Kentucky MBB game
Topher, who is a viral sensation on TikTok, was invited as a special guest to the UK men’s basketball game in early January. Wildcats lost to the Gamecocks, 71-68. (Credit: Allyson.Russell03/Instagram)

TikTok’s Topher goes viral as guest at Kentucky MBB game

LEXINGTON, Ky. (BVM) – TikTok kid, Topher, who already has over a billion views to his name, went viral again as a special guest at the Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball game against South Carolina. The Kentucky MBB TikTok page posted a video on Thursday of the sensation getting some special treatment at the game, and now it’s the team’s most popular video by far. 


You already know who it is. #KentuckyBasketball #BBN

♬ original sound – kentuckymbb

Topher was even featured on the jumbotron at the game and gave no hesitation in saying his viral catchphrase: 

“Y’all already know who I am, my name’s Topher and I think Olivia,” Topher said on the jumbotron at the UK game. 


This is not a Topher account- but couldnt pass this up #topher #jumobtron #yallalreadyknowwhoiam #mynameistopher #scary #funny #kentucky #uk #bigscreen

♬ original sound – jumbotron.vids

“Thanks to the University of Kentucky for giving Topher a night to remember,” — wrote Topher’s relative in an Instagram post on Friday. 

But, who is Topher from TikTok and why is he viral? Topher went viral at the start of the new year after he was asked on camera which family member he would warn a stranger about if they were being introduced for the first time. His response has turned him into one of the biggest new internet stars. 

A copy of the TikTok video that initially made Topher a viral sensation can be watched below — since the original isn’t available due to a temporary ban on Allycat.03’s account. 

Under Kentucky’s TikTok video of their “special guest” at the basketball game, there are comments that include “in Topher we trust,” and “Topher for president.” Fans are also honored that the one and only Topher is a Wildcats fan.

On TikTok alone, the #TopherTok has over 200 million views from stitches/remakes of the video and #Topher has over 600 million. His viral video has reached countless more views on other social platforms.