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Jimmy Butler meets young Argentinian fan after missed game
Jimmy Butler made a young fan’s dream come true after he missed a game the boy traveled over 4,000 miles to watch him play live. (Credit: @JCrossover/Twitter)

Jimmy Butler meets young Argentinian fan after missed game

MIAMI (BVM) – While the saying “never meet your heroes” is thrown around a lot in the world, sports fans tend to ignore that when they get the opportunity to meet their favorite players. For younger fans, this moment can be a life-changing experience that they will never forget.

That was the goal of a young Miami Heat fan named Felipe as he attended the team’s game against the Boston Celtics at the Miami-Dade Arena last night. This was no small feat for the young man either as he traveled from Argentina to see his favorite player, Jimmy Butler.

It was a moment he had prepared for. With a sign reading, “Dear Jimmy: We traveled over 4,405 miles to see you play. Can we get a photo or a big face coffee?” Felipe was ready to meet his NBA hero.

Unfortunately, just an hour before tipoff, he and his older sister Zoe were notified that Butler would miss the game due to a back injury. The moment was caught by TNT cameras and broadcast on TV and social media for the world to see. It’s fair to say that Felipe was devastated as seen by his reaction.

Of course, given the widespread reach of the video, word got back to the Heat. During halftime, the team brought Felipe and his sister to the court where he received an autographed basketball, a Butler jersey and photo opportunities with other Heat players.

Zoe made sure to thank Butler and the Heat for their kindness.

As if that wasn’t enough, today Butler had Felipe and his family come back to FTX Arena for an autograph session and photoshoot on the court. The joy he was feeling can be clearly seen in all the pictures.

His older sister once again made sure to thank Butler for all that he did for her brother and her family.

While the saying “never meet your heroes” could ring true, for Felipe it is likely that Butler further cemented himself as his basketball hero. For Butler, he can feel good knowing that he made a lifelong memory for one of his young fans.