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Bella Mir, daughter of Frank, signs NIL Deal with UFC
Bella Mir is a freshman wrestler at the University of Iowa. (Credit: Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen/USA TODAY Sports)

Bella Mir, daughter of Frank, signs NIL Deal with UFC

LAS VEGAS (BVM) –In a UFC that was once trying to find its footing, Frank Mir was a top name in one of its most popular divisions. Years later, the Mir family is back in the fold with the iconic mixed martial arts promotion.

On Friday, the UFC announced their very first NIL deal. The recipient: Bella Mir, the daughter of the legendary heavyweight fighter.

Bella is a freshman on the University of Iowa’s women’s wrestling team and holds a 3-0 record as an MMA fighter.

But this opportunity was not solely because of her last name, as she was a four-time state champion in her high school days in Nevada.

It is unclear as of now if this deal will allow her to fight in the UFC while continuing her education and college career at Iowa, but considering her background, she could likely handle the task.

For the 20-year-old freshman, it will be an opportunity to create a name for herself, rather than just being known as the daughter of Frank Mir.

β€œI’m super grateful and I honestly couldn’t be more thankful to Dana (White) and UFC for this opportunity,” Bella said in the UFC’s announcement. β€œI’m going to make sure I do my best to represent UFC and show the world what I’m all about.”

Mir instantly becomes a prospect to watch in the Women’s Featherweight division and will attract more and more eyes with each and every fight.

But outside of Mir, this is a groundbreaking move for the mma company as well. With talented wrestlers all across the country, this could just be the beginning of the UFC dipping their toe into the college waters.Β 

While her father was a trendsetter in a not-so-popular UFC back in the day, Bella could be the first of many current college wrestlers making the transition to mma.