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BVM Sports Insiders: NFL Nation Patriots reporter Mike Reiss

Erin Coscarelli Erin Coscarelli BVM Sports Insiders host
Erin Coscarelli

Erin Coscarelli - BVM Sports Insiders host

Mike Reiss, ESPN NFL Nation reporter for the New England Patriots, has covered the team for so long (since 1997) that he preceded the 20-year Tom Brady-Bill Belichick dynasty by three seasons. He explains the real reason behind the split between Brady and Belichick. Reiss tackles the question of if Belichick needs another Super Bowl victory for post-Brady validation since Tom won one without him.

Reiss also addresses what Bill O’Brien’s return to the Patriots as offensive coordinator means for Mac Jones’ future as New England’s starting quarterback. Plus, how much longer will Belichick be a fixture in Foxboro, and how important is passing Don Shula’s coaching wins record for the future Pro Football Hall of Famer? Get the inside scoop on “BVM Sports Insiders” hosted by Erin Coscarelli.