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Oakland A’s moving to Vegas; Top 10 sports team relocations
With a move to Las Vegas likely on the horizon, the Oakland Athletics will look to find success in their new home like other relocated North American sports franchises. (Credit: Stan Szeto/USA TODAY Sports)

Oakland A’s moving to Vegas; Top 10 sports team relocations

OAKLAND, Calif. (BVM) – After months of speculation, it appears that the Oakland Athletics are on their way out of the city. On Thursday, the A’s signed a binding agreement to purchase land for a new retractable roof ballpark in Las Vegas, hinting that the long-rumored move may be on the horizon.

“We’re turning our full attention to Las Vegas,” Team President Dave Kaval told the Associated Press. “We were on parallel paths before. But we’re focused really on Las Vegas as our path to find a future home for the A’s.”

This move is not an unprecedented one as many franchises across all four major North American sports have relocated. This includes the NFL’s Raiders moving to Las Vegas just three years ago. 

It is also not a new thing for the Athletics either as the team moved from Philadelphia to Kansas City in 1955 then from Kansas City to Oakland in 1968. With the franchise’s third move on the horizon, here are the top 10 North American sports team relocations across the four major sports leagues.

(Editor’s note: These rankings are determined by overall franchise performance such as winning percentage and championship victories)