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Greg Biffle reflects on NASCAR career, Roush’s resurgence

Greg Biffle reflects on NASCAR career, Roush’s resurgence

NASCAR legend Greg Biffle shares insights on his racing career, from pivotal moments at Roush Fenway to a possible return to the Cup Series track. He commends RFK’s resurgence under Brad Keselowski’s leadership and discusses their chances this year with both drivers in the playoffs. Biffle also reflects on his 2005 season, narrowly missing a championship at every level, but cherishes his significant victories in the sport. Take a trip down memory lane and more from one of NASCAR’s 75 Greatest Drivers in this special episode of “Cup Connection” hosted by Mike Massaro.


Biffle on the 2005 Cup Series season being his greatest accomplishment in NASCAR:

“Unfortunately with three races to go in the Chase, we left a wheel loose at Texas Motor Speedway running third and had to come back down pit road and we finished 20th that day. That was three races to go in the championship and we lost the championship by just five finishing positions. So that was the defining moment. But we finished second in points and won the most races of anybody in the Cup Series that year, we won six races. That was sort of a moment that was, you know, you think of one that got away and that’s a moment in time that you think about when you go back — how I would have had a championship in all three series.”

Biffle on Roush Fenway Racing at the end of his NASCAR career:

“I knew when I stepped away, from full time in 2016, I knew we were more than a couple years away from righting the organization. I had a contract still, a multi-year contract that I left because I couldn’t run 25th every week. It was killing me as a driver, as a competitor and I saw the writing on the wall for the last couple years. I always said I’m not going to stay in the sport and just show up to the race track and know I have no chance of winning…

“Going back, I wish I would’ve maybe tried somewhere else. I raced at Roush Fenway my entire career. But felt like they gave me my opportunity. I had a great relationship with Jack (Roush), and more importantly I had a great relationship with 3M, the sponsor. And leaving Roush Fenway not only meant leaving that, but leaving the sponsor as well. So, you know, I wish I would’ve done something else, but I hung out.”

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