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Baylor Soccer Falls to No. 25 Texas Tech in a 2-0 Loss

Baylor Soccer Falls to No. 25 Texas Tech in a 2-0 Loss

Key points:

  • Baylor soccer falls to No. 25 Texas Tech in a 2-0 loss
  • Tyler Isgrig led the Bears with four shots
  • The loss against Texas Tech highlights the tough competition in the conference

Baylor soccer suffered a 2-0 loss against No. 25 Texas Tech in a game played at Betty Lou Mays Field. Texas Tech dominated the first half and scored their first goal in the 23rd minute. They added another goal in the second half to seal the victory. Baylor struggled to create scoring opportunities, managing only one shot on target. Despite the loss, Baylor’s coach, Michelle Lenard, remains optimistic about the team’s potential for improvement in upcoming games against Kansas and Kansas State.

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