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The Celtics Acquire Jrue Holiday to Strengthen Their Starting Lineup

Key points:

  • The Celtics acquire Jrue Holiday to strengthen their starting lineup
  • The Trail Blazers focus on rebuilding and acquiring future assets
  • The trade sets up an exciting potential showdown between the Celtics and Bucks

The Portland Trail Blazers have traded Jrue Holiday to the Boston Celtics in a move that is part of their franchise reshuffling. The Celtics acquire an All-Star caliber player with Holiday, who brings defensive prowess and solid facilitating skills to their roster. With Holiday in the mix, Boston’s starting lineup become very strong. Meanwhile, the Trail Blazers focus on rebuilding and acquiring assets by getting Robert Williams, Malcolm Brogdon, and future draft picks. However, some question whether the return for Holiday was ambitious enough. Overall, the Celtics and Trail Blazers both benefit from this trade.

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