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Chicago Bulls Under Coach Billy Donovan Focus on a Faster, Team-centric Approach in Preseason

Key points:

  • Coach Billy Donovan is implementing a new approach for the Chicago Bulls in the preseason.
  • The team is focusing on playing faster, sharing the ball more, shooting more threes, and giving young players more opportunities.
  • The success of the Bulls' new approach will depend on the commitment of the veteran players.

Chicago Bulls head coach Billy Donovan is tasked with teaching the team’s veteran players new tricks in order to improve their performance. During training camp, there has been an emphasis on playing faster, sharing the ball more, and shooting more three-pointers. While some skeptics doubt Donovan’s ability to implement these changes, preseason examples of the team playing faster are encouraging. The Bulls’ offense struggled last season, particularly in shot quality and frequency, but changes to the lineup, such as giving Coby White more playing time, could make a difference. However, the team’s success ultimately relies on the commitment of their veteran players to adapt their playing styles.


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Can Billy Donovan teach the old guard new tricks?