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Trevor Bauer Settles Sexual Assault Accusation, MLB Return Still Uncertain

Key points:

  • Trevor Bauer has reached a settlement with the woman who accused him of sexual assault.
  • The settlement clears the way for Bauer's return to MLB in 2024, but it is uncertain whether any team will sign him.
  • Former MLB executives have stated that teams will need to consider the public relations issues and the risk/reward proposition before signing Bauer.

Trevor Bauer’s recent settlement with his accuser could pave the way for his return to MLB in 2024, but the question remains whether any team will be willing to sign him. The former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher released a video detailing his reasons for agreeing to settle and provided evidence in support of his side of the story. While Bauer had a successful season in Japan, there are doubts about how his performance will translate to MLB. Additionally, teams will have to consider the public relations implications and potential risks of signing him.

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Trevor Bauer’s Settlement with Accuser Clears the Way for His Return to MLB in 2024. But Will Any Team Sign Him?