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Is Mark Cuban running for US president in 2024 or 2028?
Nov 3, 2023; Mark Cuban before the Dallas Mavericks game against the Denver Nuggets. (Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports)

Is Mark Cuban running for US president in 2024 or 2028?

DALLAS (BVM) – Mark Cuban hasn’t declared any official plans to run for President of the United States, but the internet is speculating that he could join the political race for 2024 or even 2028. 

Cuban is reportedly in the process of selling a majority stake in the Dallas Mavericks while maintaining full control of basketball operations. The deal is valued at around $3.5 billion – which interesting enough, would fund a costly presidential campaign outside of his $6.2 billion net worth. It’s a similar move that past candidates running for U.S. president took; Jimmy Carter put his peanut farm into a blind trust in order to avoid any conflicts of interest during his term. 

However, Cuban likely isn’t running for president during the 2024 cycle. The billionaire investor more recently announced that he’ll be leaving ABC’s “Shark Tank” after Season 16 (Season 15 is currently airing). Cuban expects to leave in 2025 as he wraps up filming obligations – meaning a run for the highest office just wouldn’t be plausible at the moment.  

Overall, a presidential election would be more realistic for Cuban during the 2028 cycle. Over the next few years, he could venture away from several more of his businesses and reemerge as a serious independent candidate with high political ambitions. 

“My greater goal than running for office when it comes to politics would be to get people to disaffiliate with any party,” Cuban told Fox Business in 2022. 

Cuban was outspoken about his interest in running for president during the last two election cycles, but ultimately sided with Clinton in 2016 and President Biden in 2020.  

When asked by Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson in 2021 about potentially running for Commander in Chief during the 2024 cycle, Cuban responded: “Based on everything I know right now, no. But, if things go south, it depends on how they go south and how far and whether or not I thought I would be the right person. I wouldn’t do it just to do it, I’d only do it if I thought I was the right person.”

Nonetheless, Cuban still has some time to make the filing requirements and deadlines to run for president. But, aside from the rumored talks, one thing for sure is that Cuban is winding down to spend more time with his children. He could also be putting more focus on Cost Plus Drugs, which is his low-cost medication service that aims to bring down Big Pharma companies.