Devin Booker's performance as a point guard for the Phoenix Suns has garnered attention, leading to discussions about whether he is the best point guard in the NBA. Booker's ability to score and create plays has been impressive, with his recent game against the New York Knicks showcasing his skills. Throughout his career, Booker has developed as a playmaker and has taken on a larger role as a ball-handler. His passing, scoring, and decision-making have improved, making him a strong candidate for the title of best point guard.

Why It Matters

Devin Booker's emergence as a top point guard in the NBA has implications for how the Suns play and their success as a team. It challenges traditional notions of what a point guard should be. It also highlights the importance of player development and the value of giving talented players the opportunity to grow and expand their skills.

The Big Picture

Booker's success as a point guard reflects a larger trend in the NBA, where players are taking on more versatile roles and breaking traditional position definitions. This shift allows teams to maximize their players' talents and opens up new possibilities for offensive strategies.

By the Numbers
  • Booker has averaged 20 points per game each season since turning 20.
  • He has five 50-point games and one of only 13 70-point games in NBA history.
  • Booker is currently averaging 8.5 assists per game, ranking fifth in the NBA.
  • His assist rate has increased significantly, now at 44.2% of his teammates' makes.
Yes, But

While Booker's performance as a point guard has been impressive, there are other standout point guards in the league who can also make a case for being the best. The competition is fierce, with players like Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard, and Chris Paul all excelling in the position.

State of Play
  • The Phoenix Suns have embraced Booker as their primary point guard, putting the ball in his hands and giving him more responsibility.
  • Booker's development as a point guard has come over time, with him gradually taking on more playmaking duties throughout his career.
  • He has shown great control and command of the game, demonstrating his ability to read defenses and make smart decisions.
What's Next

As Booker continues to excel as a point guard, the Suns will look to harness his playmaking skills to maximize their offensive potential. Booker's growth in this role will also be crucial for the Suns' success in the playoffs and their pursuit of an NBA championship.

Bottom Line

Devin Booker's emergence as a top point guard in the NBA showcases the value of player development and the ability for players to expand their roles. His performance challenges traditional notions of position and highlights the evolving nature of the game.