College basketball had an eventful November with upsets, thrilling matchups, and standout performances. The team of the month was No. 1 ranked Purdue, who had impressive wins against top-ranked opponents. Colorado State was named the mid-major team of the month, while James Madison was recognized as the surprise team of the month for their strong start. Maryland and Saint Mary's were named the surprise teams of the month in a negative light. Purdue's Zach Edey was named the player of the month, and Kentucky's Reed Sheppard was the surprise player of the month.

Why It Matters

Understanding the standout teams, players, and surprises from November gives insight into the current state of college basketball and sets the stage for the upcoming season.

By the Numbers
  • Purdue went 3-0 in November against top-ranked teams, becoming the first team to achieve this since Duke in 2012.
  • Colorado State is one of only nine teams with a 7-0 record.
  • James Madison had a historic start to the season with a 7-0 record, including a win against Michigan State.
  • Maryland has struggled with shooting, with a 23.8% 3-point shooting percentage.
  • Reed Sheppard of Kentucky has been a standout player with impressive shooting and defensive stats.
Bottom Line

November in college basketball showcased the strength of top-ranked teams like Purdue, the emergence of underdogs like James Madison, and the individual brilliance of players like Zach Edey and Reed Sheppard.