Vanderbilt defeated Alabama A&M 78-59 to end their 3-game losing streak, improving to .500 overall. The game saw a slow start with both teams struggling offensively in the first half. Tyrin Lawrence had an impressive performance off the bench, scoring 19 points. Coach Stackhouse praised Lawrence's growth and emphasized the team's focus on improving his pick-and-roll skills. Despite shooting percentages similar to previous games, Vanderbilt's free throw performance was encouraging, finishing 24-34 from the stripe. The win sets up a crucial match against San Francisco, which will test the team and provide a measure of their progress this season.

Why It Matters

Vanderbilt's win against Alabama A&M ended their losing streak and brought them back to a .500 overall record. The improved performance of Tyrin Lawrence and the team's success at the free throw line are positive signs for the team's growth. The upcoming game against San Francisco will be a significant test for Vanderbilt.

What's Next

Vanderbilt will face San Francisco in their next game, which will be an important matchup for the team. The game will provide an opportunity to evaluate the team's progress and performance against a challenging opponent.