Colorado legend Darian Hagan is leaving the Buffaloes to join San Diego State University as their new running backs coach. Hagan, who was both a player and a coach at CU, played a crucial role in leading the Buffs to their only National Championship in the 1990 season. After stepping back into an ambassador role in 2023, Hagan will now join former Buffs offensive coordinator Sean Lewis' staff at SDSU. Hagan's departure comes at a time when Colorado's run game has regressed, with no runner reaching 100 rushing yards in a single game during the 2023 season.

Why It Matters

Hagan's departure from the Buffaloes and his decision to join SDSU highlights the ongoing coaching exodus in Boulder. It also raises questions about the impact on the team's run game, which struggled in the 2023 season without Hagan's guidance.

Bottom Line

Colorado legend Darian Hagan's move to SDSU as their new running backs coach marks a significant change for both programs. His departure leaves a void in the Buffaloes' coaching staff and raises concerns about the future of their run game.