Colorado coach Deion Sanders is looking to add multiple quarterbacks to the team's transfer portal this offseason to provide capable backups for his son, Shedeur Sanders, who is likely to be the starting quarterback for the 2024 season. Sanders is seeking older quarterbacks to ensure the team's readiness in case anything happens to Shedeur. Additionally, Deion Sanders confirmed that Shedeur will forgo the 2024 NFL Draft and stay at Colorado for his senior season.

Why It Matters

Deion Sanders' intention to add experienced quarterbacks to the team highlights the importance of depth and preparation for a successful season. The decision for Shedeur to stay at Colorado and fully recover from his back injury also indicates the significance of his senior year for his development as a player.

Yes, But

No counterarguments or complexities were mentioned in the article.

State of Play
  • Deion Sanders is actively searching for older quarterbacks in the transfer portal to add to Colorado's roster.
  • Shedeur Sanders will remain at Colorado for his senior season and is expected to fully recover from his back injury by the spring.
Bottom Line

Deion Sanders is proactively addressing the need for capable backups at the quarterback position for Colorado and is confident in Shedeur's recovery and decision to stay for his senior season. The addition of experienced quarterbacks and the commitment of Shedeur signal a commitment to success and preparation for the upcoming season.