The undefeated Florida State Seminoles were not chosen for the College Football Playoff, causing major disagreement among fans. Colorado Buffaloes star Travis Hunter expressed his frustration, arguing that losing one player should not determine a team's eligibility. Hunter believes that going undefeated and not being included in the playoffs is unjust, and that Florida State deserved to be there.

Why It Matters

This article highlights the controversy surrounding the College Football Playoff selection process and the impact it has on teams and players. It raises questions about how injuries should affect a team's standing and whether undefeated teams should always be included in the playoffs.

By the Numbers
  • Florida State Seminoles finished the season with a perfect 12-0 record
  • Florida State's star quarterback, Jordan Travis, suffered a season-ending injury
Yes, But

Counterarguments could suggest that the selection committee takes into account the overall strength of a team, including the impact of key injuries. They might argue that Travis' injury significantly weakened Florida State's chances of winning against top teams.

Bottom Line

The exclusion of the undefeated Florida State Seminoles from the College Football Playoff has sparked debate. Travis Hunter's comments shed light on the controversy surrounding the selection process and the consequences of injuries on a team's eligibility. The episode raises broader questions about the fairness and transparency of college football playoff selection.