The Houston Astros have acquired right-handed pitcher Dylan Coleman from the Kansas City Royals. Coleman showed promise with a 2.78 ERA/3.88 FIP and a strikeout rate of 24.6% in 2022, but struggled with diminished stuff and command issues in 2023. The Astros hope that with their reputation for pitcher development, they can help Coleman rediscover his pitch velocity and optimize his performance.

Why It Matters

The Astros are navigating how to improve their roster with limited financial resources, and acquiring Coleman presents a low-cost, low-risk opportunity to bolster their bullpen. If the Astros can help Coleman regain his form, he could become a valuable asset for the team.

By the Numbers
  • Coleman posted a 2.78 ERA/3.88 FIP with a 24.6% strikeout rate in 2022.
  • In 2023, Coleman struggled with an 8.84 ERA/7.02 FIP and saw a significant decline in pitch velocity.
  • Coleman's spin rate for his four-seam fastball was in the 93rd percentile in 2022.
State of Play
  • The Astros have limited financial resources this offseason and are prioritizing future flexibility.
  • They have focused on acquiring pitchers on the fringe of major league rosters, including Coleman.
  • Coleman's success will depend on his ability to regain pitch velocity and improve his command.
What's Next

The Astros will work with Coleman to help him optimize his offerings and potentially implement a ride approach with his four-seam fastball. If Coleman can regain his velocity and make necessary adjustments, he could contribute to the bullpen in the future.

Bottom Line

The acquisition of Dylan Coleman presents a low-cost opportunity for the Astros to improve their bullpen. With their track record in pitcher development, the Astros hope to help Coleman rediscover his potential and become a valuable asset for the team.