The Detroit Red Wings lost 5-1 to the Ottawa Senators in a game overshadowed by captain Dylan Larkin's "scary" exit. Larkin was rendered unconscious on the ice after being caught between two Senators players and taking punches to the head, prompting a halt in the game as he was attended to and eventually transported off the ice.

Why It Matters

Larkin's uncertain status casts a long shadow on the team's outlook, potentially impacting the team's playoff position and the dynamic of the season. His absence could be seismic, considering his significant role and impact.

State of Play
  • The Red Wings lost 5-1 to the Ottawa Senators, with the game overshadowed by Dylan Larkin's injury.
  • Larkin was rendered unconscious on the ice and left the game, with no postgame update beyond being evaluated.
  • Losing Larkin for any significant amount of time could have a substantial impact on the team's performance, considering his role as the top center and on-ice engine for the Red Wings.
What's Next

An update on Larkin's status may not be forthcoming until the team returns to play on Monday in Dallas, leaving uncertainty about the extent of his injury and potential implications for the team.

Bottom Line

The uncertain status of Dylan Larkin following his "scary" exit leaves the Detroit Red Wings facing potential significant consequences, both in terms of on-ice performance and the overall trajectory of the season.