Valtteri Bottas is set to visit Adelaide, Australia, during F1's off-season for a cycling retreat, taking advantage of the warm and sunny weather and embracing the laid-back atmosphere, friendly people, and natural beauty of the country. His deep connection with Australia, particularly Adelaide, may potentially lead to a more permanent residence in the country after his F1 career.

Why It Matters

Bottas' choice to spend the off-season in Australia could signal a potential shift in his post-racing plans, impacting both his lifestyle and potential career ventures, such as a move into the Aussie Supercars series.

By the Numbers
  • Bottas and his partner plan to host the RADL GRVL cycling event from January 18-20 during the Tour Down Under in Southern Australia.
  • The event will feature a blend of paved and gravel roads, starting from its central hub in Victoria Square at the heart of Adelaide.
State of Play
  • Bottas and his partner plan to visit Adelaide for cycling activities before Christmas and will also compete in a cycling event during mid-January.
  • Bottas described Australia as a place with a good lifestyle, culture, cycling, and wine, emphasizing the appeal of spending time off in the country.
What's Next

Bottas' strong connection with Australia could potentially lead to a post-racing venture in the Aussie Supercars series, indicating a possible shift in his career path after Formula 1.

Bottom Line

Valtteri Bottas' decision to spend the off-season in Australia reflects a potential shift in his future plans and career trajectory, signaling a possible longer-term association with the country post his Formula 1 career.