Rylee Michaels, a three-time Academic All-MAC honoree, is set to graduate with a bachelor's degree in sales and a minor in marketing this May. She has been a significant presence on the Toledo Women's Soccer team, playing 74 games over five years as a defender, totaling approximately 4,328 minutes on the field. She attributes her decision to join Toledo to the school's community and campus, emphasizing the special camaraderie of the team.

Why It Matters

Rylee Michaels' academic and athletic achievements, as well as her future career plans, highlight the balancing act of student-athletes and the impact of community support on their collegiate journey.

By the Numbers
  • 74 games played over five years
  • Approximately 4,328 minutes on the field
State of Play
  • Rylee Michaels is set to graduate with a degree in sales and a minor in marketing
  • She is actively job searching, with plans to work locally
What's Next

Rylee Michaels is in the process of job searching and aims to continue her career in a competitive and people-oriented field.

Bottom Line

Rylee Michaels' journey encapsulates the dedication and passion of student-athletes, while also shedding light on the role of family support and the importance of community within collegiate sports.