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Michigan’s Roman Wilson used to take a plane to HS practice
Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan’s Roman Wilson used to take a plane to HS practice

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (BVM) – Wolverines star wide receiver Roman Wilson has been receiving a ton of hate on social media after seemingly shading Marvin Harrison Jr. for his Louis Vuitton outfits and lack of toughness. Since then, Wilson has been bombarded with comments calling him the “future No. 1 XFL pick” or even an “upcoming USFL star.” 

Regardless, Wilson showcased his NFL-worthy talents after playing a big role in Michigan’s Rose Bowl win over Alabama. He may soon help the Wolverines win their first national college football championship title in over 25 years. His overall dedication to the game of football shouldn’t be overlooked. 

Wilson used to board an airplane daily in his hometown of Maui to get to Honolulu, Hawaii during the summer heading into his freshman year of high school. He made the daunting flight so that he could play for the more prominent football program at Saint Louis School. He attended summer classes and football practice before he took a plane back home so that he could do it again the next day. 

“I’d wake up at 4 (a.m.), sometimes 3:30 in the morning, hop on the airplane,” Wilson previously told KHON2 News. “Sometimes, I’d catch the bus to school. A couple times I’d get a ride, but most of the time I’d have to catch the bus from the airport to school and I’d get to school about 8 (a.m.) so that’s just four hours of traveling I’d have to do in the morning.”

The round-trip flights to school were cheaper than permanently moving because Wilson’s dad worked for Hawaiian Airlines. While money wasn’t the issue – exhaustion was. 

“It was (expletive) brutal,” Wilson told Michigan Live.

When Wilson’s freshman year officially began, he made the difficult decision to move away from his parents and stay with a friend he met at practice in Oahu. Still, Wilson had to wake up at 4 a.m. so that he could take the two-and-a-half-hour bus ride to Saint Louis School. 

“I thought he was not going to make it mentally because it’s so much,” Wilson’s mother, Colleen Colegrove, told Michigan Live. “He’d go to school, have practice, study game film, work out in the weight room, and then go home, go to sleep and start all over.” 

Eventually, Wilson was able to get to football practice without the flights and long bus rides. His dad bought a family house near Saint Louis School when he was a sophomore, according to Michigan Live. 

Wilson quite literally took the long road to get to where he is now. He’s widely considered to be the fastest Michigan football player and he could soon be a national champion. 

“I don’t want to settle for less (after) all the sacrifices that’s been in my life,” Wilson previously told KHON2 News…. “My mindset is no matter how hard it gets – I’ve been through worse.”