Auburn's head coach Hugh Freeze will take over playcalling duties on offense in 2024, following a season where he hired an offensive coordinator for the role. Despite Auburn's offensive struggles, Freeze decided to make the transition to calling his own plays, a responsibility he held in previous head-coaching positions.

Why It Matters

This shift in playcalling responsibilities indicates Freeze's determination to revitalize Auburn's offense and marks a pivotal decision early in his tenure as head coach. The move underscores the significant influence of playcalling on team performance and success, especially in college football.

By the Numbers
  • Auburn finished 11th in the SEC in scoring offense for the 2023 season, averaging 26.2 points per game.
  • The Tigers ranked 121st out of 130 FBS offenses in passing offense, with only 162.2 yards per game.
State of Play
  • Hugh Freeze has consistently called his own plays in his previous head-coaching positions at Arkansas State, Ole Miss, and Liberty, with successful offensive results.
  • Kent Austin, previously serving in a quality control role at Auburn, will transition to the role of quarterbacks coach as Freeze takes over playcalling.
What's Next

Expectations are high for Freeze's impact as the primary playcaller, as Auburn aims for a significant improvement in offensive performance for the upcoming season.

Bottom Line

By taking on the playcalling duties, Hugh Freeze aims to reinvigorate Auburn's offense and drive the team towards a more successful season, making a bold strategic move early in his tenure as head coach.