Stephanie Labas is named the new head softball coach at Millville High School, taking over from former coach Brooke Dixon, who led the team to 284 wins over two decades. Labas, a standout player for Millville and Rowan University, has been approved by the Board of Education to lead the program, combining her playing experience with her coaching knowledge.

Why It Matters

Labas' appointment represents a transition in the leadership of the Millville softball program, following the departure of former coach Brooke Dixon amid allegations of bullying incidents. This change could signify a new direction and approach for the team, impacting both players and the broader softball community in the area.

By the Numbers
  • Brooke Dixon led the Thunderbolts to 284 wins over her two decades as head coach.
  • Stephanie Labas set program records for homers in a season (12) and career homers (32) during her time at Rowan University.
State of Play
  • Stephanie Labas recently served as the interim head coach for Millville's softball team in 2022, going 2-2 during Brooke Dixon's absence.
  • Labas also took on the head coaching position for the girls basketball team at Millville, guiding the team to a 6-7 record, positioning them for their first winning season in three years.
What's Next

The appointment of Stephanie Labas as head coach could signal a period of change and development for the Millville softball program, as she brings her playing experience, coaching expertise, and new perspective to the role. The upcoming season will provide an opportunity to observe the impact of this leadership transition on the team's performance and dynamics.

Bottom Line

Stephanie Labas' appointment as the head softball coach at Millville marks a significant shift in the program's leadership, potentially influencing both player development and the team's competitive standing. The combination of her playing background and coaching proficiency sets the stage for a new chapter in Millville's softball legacy.