The Men's Basketball team at American International College secured an 83-64 victory over Franklin Pierce University in Northeast-10 Conference play, with notable performances setting a new high for the season and career across the roster. AIC's overall record stands at 8-13, with a 6-9 record in the NE10.

By the Numbers
  • R.J. Delahaye made the game's first field goal for the Ravens.
  • AIC's lead extended to 10-4 with back-to-back three-pointers from Kanye Wavezwa.
  • Aguibou Balde's emphatic dunk from Lovre Zaja secured a 30-26 lead for AIC at the half.
  • Jacob Barnett and Kanye Wavezwa scored 16 and 11 points, respectively, while Jalen Jordan contributed nine points for AIC.
Bottom Line

The American International College Men's Basketball team's strong offensive performance and decisive victory against Franklin Pierce University highlight the team's growing potential and competitive prowess in the Northeast-10 Conference, underpinning their 8-13 overall and 6-9 NE10 record.