The 91st chapter of Everystros showcases Andy Pettitte, a left-handed pitcher known for his career with the New York Yankees and the Houston Astros. Pettitte was a significant contributor to both teams, demonstrating talent both on the pitcher's mound and at the plate.

By the Numbers
  • Pettitte earned 60.2 career bWAR and played nine seasons with the Yankees, making significant contributions to the team.
  • Denis Menke, an infielder, made the NL All-Star Team in 1969 and 1970, showcasing his skill and versatility as a player.
  • Greg Gross, an outfielder and first baseman, started his career with the Astros, demonstrating a strong offensive performance and subsequently playing for the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies.
  • Carl Everett, a switch-hitting outfielder, joined the Astros and displayed remarkable talent at the plate, also going on to play for the Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers, and other teams.
State of Play
  • Andy Pettitte and other players mentioned in Everystros XCI made significant contributions to various teams, leaving a lasting impact on the sport through their performances and achievements.