Oconomowoc secured a victory over Watertown in a renewed basketball rivalry, marked by a decisive 22-2 run in the second half, propelling the Raccoons to a 12-7 overall record while dropping the Goslings to 4-13.

By the Numbers
  • Oconomowoc's 22-2 burst in the second half transformed a 36-33 lead into a commanding 51-33 advantage.
  • Lukas Hoffman led Ocon with 21 points, followed by Trevor Mozejewski's 14 points and contributions of 10 points each from Santino Conigliaro and Kashton Allen.
  • Watertown's Brett Schwefel scored a game-high 26 points in the game.
State of Play
  • Oconomowoc's victory improves their standing to 12-7 overall, positioning them favorably for WIAA playoff seeding.
  • The win serves as a testament to the team's resilience and strategic adaptability, showcasing their ability to dominate pivotal moments on the court.
What's Next

Oconomowoc's focus now shifts to leveraging their recent victories for a strong position in the upcoming playoffs, as they strive to assert their competitiveness and secure a favorable matchup in the regional semifinals.

Bottom Line

Oconomowoc's strategic second-half surge not only secured a significant win but also enhanced their prospects for favorable playoff seeding, underscoring their resilience and adaptability on the court.