Arkansas has a chance to beat Tennessee due to the Volunteers' road struggles, lack of size inside, tendency to get shots blocked, offensive flustering under good defense, vulnerability to screens, and the Razorbacks' improving chemistry and ball movement. However, Arkansas may lose due to Tennessee's three-point defense and the threat posed by Dalton Knecht's shooting prowess.

By the Numbers
  • Tennessee is 5-5 away from home.
  • Arkansas blocked 149 shots this season.
Yes, But

The article does not address any significant counterarguments or complexities.

State of Play
  • Tennessee struggles on the road with a 5-5 record.
  • Arkansas has shown improvement in chemistry and ball movement.
What's Next

The upcoming game between Arkansas and Tennessee will test the validity of the factors outlined in the article.

Bottom Line

Arkansas could secure a victory over Tennessee if they capitalize on their opponents' weaknesses, but they must be mindful of potential threats to avoid defeat.