Aston Martin's technical director describes the team’s new AMR24 as a "strong evolution" of its predecessor, addressing past shortcomings and building on the success of the previous season.

By the Numbers
  • Last year, Aston Martin collected an impressive 255 points more than in 2022.
  • They aim to improve straightline speed, a critical area highlighted by Fernando Alonso's feedback.
State of Play
  • Aston Martin made changes all over the car, focusing on development potential to challenge throughout the entire season.
  • The gap between Red Bull and their rivals is narrowing, as other teams focus on detailed elements to find additional lap times.
What's Next

Aston Martin aims to maintain a good, stable basis for further in-season developments and to continue closing the gap with Red Bull.

Bottom Line

Aston Martin's new AMR24 reflects a strong evolution, addressing past weaknesses and focusing on in-season development to challenge Red Bull for the top spot.