The Houston Astros are considering contract extensions for key players, including Alex Bregman, as the offseason nears its end. General manager Dana Brown has indicated plans to offer Bregman a new deal before he becomes a free agent. However, the likelihood of a successful extension is uncertain, given Bregman's performance decline and the team's financial commitments. The Astros may use a reasonable offer to Bregman as a PR move and a strategy to shift focus to other extension candidates.

By the Numbers
  • Bregman's potential contract comparisons: Some suggest he may seek $300+ million, while others compare his situation to Xander Bogaerts' 11-year, $280 million deal with the Padres.
State of Play
  • Potential contract extensions for Alex Bregman, Kyle Tucker, and Framber Valdez are under consideration.
  • Bregman's agent expressed willingness to consider offers from the Astros, but his declining performance raises doubts about a successful extension.
Bottom Line

The Astros may use a contract offer to Bregman as a public relations move while preparing to refocus on other extension candidates, given the uncertainties surrounding his potential extension.