In their pursuit of a Super Bowl, the Baltimore Ravens are faced with the challenge of elevating their already strong roster. The team, led by Lamar Jackson, boasts playmakers and a top-tier quarterback, but the elusive Super Bowl title remains out of reach. To secure their place in next year's Super Bowl, the Ravens aim to make three crucial moves, including signing a veteran running back to enhance their run-focused offense and alleviate the pressure on Jackson.

By the Numbers
  • Injuries have impacted the Ravens' running back depth, with key players like JK Dobbins and Keaton Mitchell affected.
  • Gus Edwards, a significant contributor, is set to become a free agent, leaving uncertainty in the running back position.
  • Potential veteran running back options like Derrick Henry, Tony Pollard, Saquon Barkley, and Josh Jacobs bring Pro Bowl-level talent and 1,000-yard seasons, presenting strong additions to the roster.
State of Play
  • The Ravens' current running back situation is marred by injuries and impending free agency, necessitating a strategic move to fortify the position.
  • With Lamar Jackson leading a run-focused offense, the team seeks to bolster their running back room to ease pressure on Jackson and enhance offensive creativity.
What's Next

The Ravens are poised to make strategic acquisitions in free agency to support Lamar Jackson and enhance their offensive capabilities, signaling a commitment to maximizing their Super Bowl aspirations.

Bottom Line

By prioritizing the acquisition of a veteran running back, the Ravens aim to reinforce their offense and elevate their Super Bowl prospects, demonstrating a proactive approach to securing their position as top contenders.