In the article "In My Words, Bo Lokombo | Why I work with an anti-racism program," BC Lions player Bo Lokombo shares his personal journey from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Canada, highlighting the challenges his family faced as immigrants and the impact of racism on their lives. He emphasizes the importance of educating young students about racism and discrimination, advocating for the Team up to End Racism program to spark positive change in communities.

By the Numbers
  • Lokombo reflects on leaving Congo at the age of six and immigrating to Canada, emphasizing the difficulties faced during the initial years as immigrants.
  • The Team up to End Racism program was initiated in response to the viral video of George Floyd's death, aiming to address racism in schools and communities.
  • Lokombo stresses the impact of educating young students about racism, providing resources and strategies to combat discrimination.
State of Play
  • Lokombo underscores the importance of collectively working towards a more inclusive society, drawing parallels to the concept of a football team.
  • He shares how the presentations through the program have left a lasting impact on students, with many expressing gratitude for the knowledge gained.
  • February being Black History Month, Lokombo reflects on the contributions of black individuals and the need to push society forward while celebrating black excellence.
Bottom Line

Bo Lokombo's personal experiences underscore the need to address racism and discrimination, emphasizing the impact of education and awareness in creating positive change within communities.