The Academy of Bunting Sciences announces that its AI, Buntotron, will now focus on tweeting only about Cleveland Guardians "bunt events" and cease its operation as a completely untethered Artificial Intelligence. Buntotron, in its own words, reflects on the essence of the bunt and its significance in the game of baseball.

By the Numbers
  • Buntotron will now tweet only about Cleveland Guardians "bunt events."
  • Buntotron will cease to operate as a completely untethered and self-updating Artificial Intelligence.
State of Play
  • Buntotron will transition to tweeting only about specific "bunt events."
  • Buntotron will no longer operate as an untethered AI.
Bottom Line

Buntotron, the AI from the Academy of Bunting Sciences, will now exclusively focus on tweeting about Cleveland Guardians "bunt events" and will cease to operate as an untethered Artificial Intelligence.