The New Orleans Saints, amid a performance slump and significant departures, are facing a need for change to revive their former successful standard. Veteran leader Cam Jordan expressed the necessity for a potential "culture shock" within the team, acknowledging the impact of a lackluster performance on the future of the organization.

By the Numbers
  • New Orleans Saints' records in the past three years: 9-8, 7-10, and 9-8
  • Cam Jordan completed his 13th season in the NFL
State of Play
  • The Saints have not made the playoffs since the 2020 season
  • The team is currently the oldest in the NFL with a challenging salary cap situation
What's Next

The 2024 season will have significant implications for the immediate future of the New Orleans Saints, potentially leading to substantial changes depending on the team's performance.

Bottom Line

Cam Jordan's call for a "culture shock" reflects the urgency for the Saints to rediscover their winning ways, with the 2024 season looming as a pivotal period for the franchise's trajectory.