Dallas Cowboys receiver CeeDee Lamb aims to be the highest-paid wideout in NFL history, expressing his desire to be "one of the top paid receivers for sure, if not the (highest-paid receiver)." He is set to make $17.991 million in 2024 and wants a contract extension that reflects his exceptional performance. As the Cowboys prioritize his long-term presence, Lamb emphasized the importance of team leadership, expressed faith in quarterback Dak Prescott, and highlighted his commitment to helping the team compete for a Super Bowl.

By the Numbers
  • Lamb is presently set to make $17.991 million on the fifth-year option in 2024.
  • Miami's Tyreek Hill is the highest-paid wideout with an annual average of $30 million.
State of Play
  • Lamb desires to secure a contract extension that reflects his performance and places him among the highest-paid receivers in the NFL.
  • The Cowboys have other contractual concerns, including Micah Parsons' eligibility for a contract extension and Dak Prescott's deal, which will create room for Dallas' cap when restructured.
What's Next

The negotiation process for CeeDee Lamb's contract extension and its potential impact on the Cowboys' salary cap will be closely monitored, as his aspirations align with the team's long-term plans and Super Bowl ambitions.

Bottom Line

CeeDee Lamb's quest to become the highest-paid receiver in the NFL underscores his value and raises questions about the financial strategies of the Cowboys as they navigate contractual concerns while aiming for championship contention.