Skyler and Evan discuss the Rockies TV deal, potential streaming options for Rockies games, and the minor league signing of Bradley Zimmer. They also explore the possibility of a "Hard Knocks" style show for the Rockies and play a spin-the-wheel MLB fantasy draft.

By the Numbers
  • Podcast "Affected by Altitude" features roundtable discussions, game segments, interviews, and occasional hot takes
  • Podcast recorded on Saturday, February 10th, 2024
State of Play
  • Rockies content creators discussing the future of Rockies coverage and fan engagement
  • Exploring potential for Rockies games streaming without blackout restrictions on
  • Discussion of minor league signing of Bradley Zimmer to compete for the fourth outfield spot
  • Exploring the concept of a Rockies "Hard Knocks" style behind-the-scenes show
  • Engaging with fans on Twitter and seeking feedback for the podcast
Bottom Line

The "Affected by Altitude" podcast dives into the Rockies TV deal and streaming possibilities while engaging with fans for feedback and exploring innovative content ideas for the future.