Darvin Ham has unveiled plans for Spencer Dinwiddie with the Los Angeles Lakers, but the basketball community is skeptical about the head coach's strategy. Ham intends to incorporate Dinwiddie into a three-guard lineup alongside D'Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves, a tactic that has previously not yielded favorable results. Despite fan concerns, Ham is confident in the potential success of this approach, citing Dinwiddie's defensive and offensive skills as valuable assets. However, the NBA community remains apprehensive about the effectiveness of this lineup, given its lukewarm results in the past.

By the Numbers
  • The Los Angeles Lakers recently signed 30-year-old guard Spencer Dinwiddie.
  • Ham plans to use Dinwiddie in a three-guard lineup with D'Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves.
Yes, But

While Ham is confident in the potential success of the three-guard lineup, the lukewarm results in the past and fan apprehension point to potential challenges.

State of Play
  • Head coach Darvin Ham plans to utilize a three-guard lineup with Spencer Dinwiddie, despite fan concerns.
  • The NBA community remains skeptical about the effectiveness of this strategy, given its lukewarm results in the past.
What's Next

The outcome of implementing the three-guard lineup, and its impact on the team's performance, remains uncertain and is subject to fan observation and analysis.

Bottom Line

The skepticism surrounding Darvin Ham's plans for Spencer Dinwiddie and the three-guard lineup reflects uncertainties about its potential effectiveness and impact on the Los Angeles Lakers' performance.