The Denver Broncos are low on draft capital and funds, with the impending departure of Russell Wilson fueling the need for a new franchise quarterback. In a 2024 NFL mock draft, the Broncos make a significant trade with the New England Patriots, sacrificing two first-rounders, a second, and a third to move up and select Jayden Daniels, a highly touted dual-threat quarterback with a strong track record and a ceiling as high as any in his class.

By the Numbers
  • Jayden Daniels recorded nearly 5,000 total yards and 51 touchdowns last season for the Tigers.
  • Daniels' draft stock has risen from a mid-first round projection to a likely top-5 or top-3 pick.
State of Play
  • The Denver Broncos are in a tough spot, facing the departure of Russell Wilson and the need for a new franchise quarterback.
  • They have made a monumental trade with the New England Patriots to secure the highly regarded Jayden Daniels.
What's Next

The Broncos have secured Jayden Daniels, a promising talent who could potentially become their franchise passer for years to come.

Bottom Line

The Denver Broncos have taken a bold step in securing Jayden Daniels, signaling their intent to address their quarterback position and build for the future.