Florida basketball prepares to face LSU Tigers in the upcoming game, with starting center Micah Handlogten discussing his personal progress and the team's readiness. Handlogten reflects on his improved physical play, shot-blocking confidence, and scoring success, expressing the team's focus on maintaining momentum and not becoming overconfident after recent victories and losses.

By the Numbers
  • Tipoff for Florida vs. LSU game: 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Feb. 13
  • Florida's recent win over Auburn marked a Quadrant 1 win, boosting their NCAA Tournament chances
State of Play
  • Florida returns to home ground at the O’Connell Center after a tough triplet of road games
  • Handlogten highlights the importance of maintaining focus on the scout and playing with friends on the court
  • LSU's visit poses a challenge due to the size and strength of SEC teams
What's Next

Florida Gators continue their push for NCAA Tournament contention as they face LSU, aiming to build on recent victories and maintain their momentum heading into the later stages of the season.

Bottom Line

As Florida basketball gears up to face LSU, Handlogten's insights into the team's mindset and preparedness reflect their determination to secure a spot in the NCAA Tournament, emphasizing the importance of maintaining focus and momentum in the upcoming games.