The Islanders are aiming to secure two points against a lesser-known opponent before the excitement of the upcoming outdoor game takes over. While the team has shown improvement under coach Patrick Roy, a recent flat performance against the Flames raises concerns about their consistency. The upcoming light schedule suggests that they may face challenges in maintaining their standings after the outdoor game. Off the ice, reports indicate that Ruslan Iskhakov may be considering a move to the KHL next season, and NHL veteran Bobby Nystrom continues to support youth hockey in Long Island.

By the Numbers
  • Islanders' last season: 55 points through 52 games; current season: 56 points through 52 games
Yes, But

The Islanders' performance against the Flames raises concerns about their consistency despite recent improvements under Patrick Roy.

State of Play
  • The Islanders are preparing for an upcoming outdoor game after a puzzlingly flat performance against the Flames.
  • Ruslan Iskhakov may potentially move to the KHL next season, although his agent indicates a focus on securing an NHL opportunity.
  • Bobby Nystrom continues to contribute to youth hockey on Long Island.
  • The NHL saw limited action, with Alex Ovechkin breaking a season-long slump by scoring in five straight games, and a notable incident involving Morgan Rielly and Ridly Greig prompting debate and an in-person hearing for Rielly.
Bottom Line

The Islanders must address their consistency issues despite showing improvement, and the potential departure of Ruslan Iskhakov to the KHL could impact their future roster. However, the team continues to focus on both on-ice performance and supporting youth hockey.