Retired NBA player JJ Redick defends the Denver Nuggets' 2023 championship, criticizing fans who discredit their playoff run and claiming it as an all-time great achievement, particularly highlighting Nikola Jokic's performance.

By the Numbers
  • 22 all-defensive awards and 85 combined all-star appearances among players faced by Jokic in the four rounds, the most all time
  • The Denver Nuggets swept the fan-favorite Los Angeles Lakers on their way to the Finals
Yes, But

Some fans argue that Redick is refuting an argument that was not prevalent, as many in the league acknowledge Jokic's greatness.

What's Next

The debate over the legitimacy of the 2023 Nuggets championship is likely to continue, with ongoing discussions about Jokic's status and the team's historic run.

Bottom Line

JJ Redick's vocal defense of the Denver Nuggets' 2023 championship raises important questions about acknowledging the team's achievement and the ongoing debate over the championship's legitimacy.