The Houston Astros have secured Jose Altuve with a new deal, raising questions about his performance over the coming years. While concerns exist about Altuve's age and potential decline, the contract's structure mitigates some risk, ensuring the cornerstone player remains with the franchise. Altuve is on track to achieve significant career milestones in the next few years, including potentially reaching 300 stolen bases and 300 home runs. However, the most notable milestone is entering the 3,000 hits club, a target that necessitates maintaining his impressive hitting performance. Altuve's current contract of six more seasons provides a window of opportunity, but his recent injury history and past hitting statistics raise doubts about achieving the 3,000 hits threshold before the extension runs out.

By the Numbers
  • Jose Altuve currently has 2,047 hits after 13 seasons in the big leagues.
  • To reach 3,000 hits, Altuve needs to average less than 159 hits a season over the remaining contract.
Yes, But

Altuve's injury history and declining hitting pace over the last five seasons raise concerns about his ability to consistently achieve the required hit average for reaching the 3,000 milestone.

State of Play
  • Altuve is healthy and expected to play the entire 2024 season.
  • He needs to surpass his recent hitting pace to achieve the 3,000 hit milestone before the current extension expires.
What's Next

Altuve will need to maintain a high hitting performance and stay healthy to reach the 3,000 hits mark before his current contract ends.

Bottom Line

Jose Altuve's new deal with the Astros presents an opportunity for him to achieve an impressive milestone of 3,000 hits, but his ability to maintain his hitting pace and stay injury-free will be critical in determining the outcome.