Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson falls one vote short of becoming the first player in NFL history to be named a unanimous MVP twice, receiving 49 of 50 first-place votes. The lone dissenting vote came from Aaron Schatz, who chose Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Schatz's decision was based on DVOA and DYAR stats, which ranked Allen and Cowboys' Dak Prescott ahead of Jackson. Despite Allen's impressive season, Jackson's consistency and performance in leading the top-seeded Ravens should have sealed his case, according to critics.

By the Numbers
  • Lamar Jackson received 49 of 50 first-place MVP votes.
  • Aaron Schatz voted for Josh Allen instead, based on DVOA and DYAR stats.
Yes, But

Some argue that the decision based on DVOA and DYAR underrates Lamar Jackson's season, emphasizing his unparalleled contribution to the Ravens' offense.

State of Play
  • Lamar Jackson falls short of unanimous MVP title by one vote
  • Critics debate the significance of DVOA and DYAR stats in MVP voting
Bottom Line

Lamar Jackson's MVP snub highlights the subjective nature of MVP voting and the debate around the significance of advanced statistics in determining the most valuable player.