The Dallas Cowboys have appointed Mike Zimmer, who previously served 12 seasons with the organization, as the new defensive coordinator. Zimmer expressed his enthusiasm to work with head coach Mike McCarthy and help the team overcome its playoff challenges. The move is part of owner Jerry Jones' commitment to bring in experience and loyalty, aiming to propel the team forward in an "all-in'' manner. Zimmer's reputation as a no-nonsense taskmaster is expected to address the team's needs at The Star, according to Cowboys legend Darren Woodson.

By the Numbers
  • Zimmer spent 12 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, six of which were as a defensive coordinator
  • The Cowboys have recorded three straight 12-win seasons under McCarthy
State of Play
  • Mike Zimmer's appointment as the defensive coordinator is aimed at addressing the team's playoff performance challenges
  • Zimmer's taskmaster reputation is seen as a good fit for the team's needs, as highlighted by Cowboys legend Darren Woodson
Bottom Line

Mike Zimmer's return to the Cowboys as the defensive coordinator underlines the team's focus on experience and loyalty as they aim to propel towards playoff success, with owner Jerry Jones leading an "all-in'' commitment to this approach.